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​​We offer filming/livestream in your sessions! Film is really taking off in the event industry these days. Customers want to capture moments on stage, review footage for coaching or feedback sessions, archive for historical purposes, or use the footage to advertise for future events on their webpages and social media. We make that possible with our PTZ camera system. It is remote controlled allowing us to film right from our technician table- saving you high labor costs associated with most filming, and it avoids a camera-man blocking the view of your audience. 


​​Ordering power from a venue can be difficult, frustrating, and expensive! Especially if you’re not familiar with the jargon and you need multiple drops. 
Let us do this for you and save the headache. You will be surprised how much we can save you with our knowledge of what to order and where it needs to go!

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Our audio packages range from small gatherings and workshop presentations to large ballroom conferences, outdoor theaters, and conventions. We use equipment from trusted brands such as Mackie, Shure, and QSC to deliver excellent sound quality that is sure to impress any audience.


​Lighting greatly enhances any performance or event. We offer a variety of lighting options to choose from, including: brand new sets of LED lights for environment and accent colors, staging lights for broad wash, and gobos. All of our lighting packages come with control boards and dimmers. Your audience will stay engaged as we light up the stage for your main presentation.

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Ace is a full-service audio visual company, capable of providing complete technical event planning, event technology rentals, and event labor services. We have a warehouse full of equipment available for rental, and a team of highly skilled technicians with more than 20 years of experience.


We carry high-lumen projectors for your keynote presentations all the way down to simple LCD screens for trade show booths and registration tables. Video switchers are used to help your content look professional and seamless during presentations. We also offer a variety of video recording and playback options.


​​Trusses, motors, pipe and drape, and podiums are just a few of the things it takes to have a full set production. Let us know what stage gear or setup you have in mind, or feel free to ask for suggestions. Our team of technicians have years of knowledge and expertise in optimizing any venue into your perfect presentation set. We would love to work with you on theme and stage design!

Our work is great. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that when working with Ace, we guarantee that your emails and calls are of importance and high priority to us. You can count on a quick and personable response from us every time you reach out to us. We value you and do what we can to show that in our actions!